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Causes of Hair Loss

It's normal to lose hair. We can lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, often without noticing.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 women suffer with hair loss and over half of men suffer significant hair thinning before the age of 40. Hair loss can cause distress for both men and women, often resulting in loss of confidence and real concern.

For men there are a number of choices available to manage hair loss however with some hair loss treatments there can be a small risk of side effects. For women there are less hair loss treatment options to choose from on the market.

The GrowLase™ Solution

GrowLase™ Hair Growth Helmet is FDA-cleared and consists of a mixture of LED lights and laser diodes that are spread throughout the helmet.

The product uses both diode lasers and LED’s to cover the entire area of the head that is normally covered with hair, and this unique design allows the treatment of the entire scalp without manual movement.

The product will automatically pause treatment if the sensor detects that the head is not in close proximity to the sensor, and will resume again once close enough.

At the end of the treatment, an audible tone beeps to indicate the treatment is over and the helmet is then automatically shut off.

How it works

GrowLase™ is recommended for both men and women experiencing mild or moderate hair loss on the scalp.

The treatment is simple and easy, just make sure you are sitting up in a comfortable chair, couch or even sitting up in bed.  You should feel no warmth or pain as GrowLase has safe and painless energy emitting from LED and laser diodes to stimulate the scalp.

Once your 25 minute treatment is finished, a beep will sound and you know the treatment is done.  Take off the device and place it back into the original box for storage.

GrowLase™ is designed to be used 4 times per week, every other day, for 16 weeks.

Users should start to see a change in their hair within 4-6 months of use, generally an improvement in the density of the hair.  After the initial 16-week period, you can use the GrowLase™ as often as needed to maintain the growth.