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How it works

GrowLase™ is recommended for both men and women experiencing mild or moderate hair loss on the scalp. 

Remove helmet from packaging and place the helmet on your head in a comfortable position. Press the ON/OFF switch.  The device will then turn on and you’ll hear an audible beep.

The treatment is simple and easy, just make sure you are sitting in a comfortable chair, couch or even bed. 

You should feel no warmth or pain as GrowLase™ is a cold laser.

Once your 25 minute treatment is finished, you'll hear a beep that confirms the treatment is done,.

Take off the device and place it back into the original box for storage.

GrowLase™ uses a proximity sensor to ensure that the device is in close contact with the scalp at all times. 

If you take off the GrowLase™ helmet, the treatment will pause automatically until you return the helmet to your head.

GrowLase™ is designed to be used 4 times per week, every other day, for 16 weeks. 

Don't worry if you miss a treatment, just keep going forward with the next treatment in the schedule.

Users should start to see a change in their hair within 4-6 months of use, generally an improvement in the density of the hair. 

After the initial 16-week period, you can use the GrowLase™ as often as needed to maintain the growth.

Carefully read all instructions and warnings before operating your GrowLase™ Hair Growth System


Many studies have been conducted on the effects of cold Laser Phototherapy (LPT).

It was the use of lasers for hair removal which eventually led to their positive use in hair growth.

Many studies have shown that LPT has a therapeutic effect on targeted human cells positively altering metabolism:

These studies have shown many properties which are highly beneficial in the treatment of hair loss and overall scalp health. 

By treating the scalp directly with Laser Phototherapy has shown many hair loss sufferer’s experience:

  • A reduction in hair loss
  • New hair growth
  • An increase in hair diameter
  • Overall hair quality improvements